10 Do’s and Don’ts of Camping

Outdoor was not so common in the past tourists were comfortable in staying in Hotels, Cottages and Huts but with the advancement of adventure tourism and high prices of hotels the trend changes and tourists start camping. Camping is recreational and healthy activity out of home and comfort. It teach individuals many lessons, new information and keep them close to nature. It can be more relaxing and luxury than luxurious hotels and huts provided the tools and equipment is complete, adequate and in line with the number of days staying.

Camping can be more fun and enjoyment if taken care of the Do’s and Don’ts


  • Cross check all the equipments with the list made of the things to take with you.
  • Check weather updates of the camping site for the all the days you are staying there and take along all the necessary things with you.
  • Check that the size of tent is good enough for the number of tourists staying in the camp.
  • Make sure leave a copy of the itinerary back at home.
  • It is outdoor activity and often is setup at the places where there are not much facilities available so keep in mind all the safety rules.
  • Use the already used roads and pathways to reach the camping destination as making new pathways can be dangerous for you and for the place you are staying and camping.
  • Choose best and balanced place for your camp
  • Make sure to choose the spot near to the water.
  • Take necessary medicines with you like of fever, headache and allergy.
  • If the camping destination have threat of animals camp fire is best option


  • Don’t throw excess waste at the camping spot.Camping
  • Washing clothes are necessary while camping but keep in mind don’t wash it at the bank of standing water as this to be used by other tourists and the locals.
  • Collect each and everything while coming back don’t leave anything behind.
  • For fire use the specified place and don’t destroy grass and camping spot if there is not specified place.
  • Place Stones or bricks and fire on that if there is not a specified place for the fire.
  • Make sure the fire is completely extinguished before you leave the camping spot.
  • Entertainment is good and enjoy your camping but not at the cost of anybody else’s ease and rest.
  • Don’t make new pathways while travelling to the camping site.
  • Don’t destroy the cultural heritages while on the way to camping site
  • Make sure to make as little pollution at the countryside as possible

Camping is very healthy activity as it helps you develop your management skills, leadership skills and exploration skills. Tour in Pakistan offers every facility and equipment to tourists for it at the most beautiful destinations and camping sites.

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