10 Most Beautiful Hill Stations of Pakistan

Nature has given every color to Pakistan and resident of this country are lucky enough to have all natural adventures and all seasons in the country. While roaming around the country the country one can experience Glaciers, Lakes, Hill Stations, mountains and valleys. There is charm for every adventure lover in Pakistan. Hill stations are the most visited places in Pakistan during avocations especially during summer season. Winters are also worth seeing at hill stations as the mountains are covered with snow.


Known as Malka e Kohsar it is one of the most visited hill station in Pakistan located near to the capital city Islamabad. This hill station receives a large number of visitors throughout the year due to its easy accessibility and stunning beauty. Visitors enjoy food at the Mall road Murree of different taste and areas of Pakistan from continental to fast foods. One can enjoy chair lift, cinema and eye catching sightseeing. Accommodation and food facilities are in large quantity and one have a number of choices which makes it cheap for tourists.


Covered with mountains this hill station entertains huge number of visitors from only from Pakistan but from all over the world there are many high rise mountains in this hill station which trekkers from around the world want to trek on the most highest, hard and beautiful mountains. Hunza has many attractions for the tourists it provides opportunities fro skiing, trekking, fishing and mountaineering. there are forts, multiple cultures and festivals throughout the year for tourists which attracts people from different destinations of the world.


Located in swat district this place is even more fun in winters as this is spot for skiing and adventurers visit this place for skiing. There are a lot of tourists in summers due to its pleasant weather and beautiful sightseeing.  Malamjaba is the first place that comes to the mind of visitors and is suggested to the people who don’t know about the place as this is must see place for adventure lovers. Malamjaba has all the facilities for tourists from nice foods to affordable and clean living opportunities. Skiing, bonfire and camping are few fun activities and tourist attraction for tourists on Malamjaba.


If you love to travel and fond of stunning natural beauty you should visit this hill station as this is one of the most beautiful hill station in Pakistan full of waterfalls, snow covered mountains, lakes and lush green valleys.  You can enjoy fast Running River, eye catching beauty of mountains and serenity of fresh air at this amazing place. There are many attractions for tourists most famous of which is trout fish which is found in abundance at this hill station and is spatiality of Kaghan Valley. This fish is very famous for its taste and aroma.


Chital is very famous place among tourists due to its beauty and tourist attractions. This place owns the world’s highest polo ground, world highest mountains and Pakistan’s most famous festival “Shandor Polo Festival”. Tourist fell happy to visit this place as there are all the facilities available for the tourists from around the world. Chitral has years of ancient tradition which is worth knowing about and people love to know about the traditions and lifestyle of the people living in this area.


If you have a short trip and want to enjoy all colors of nature you must visit this hill station. From modern cities to village life and from snow falls to waterfalls every adventure is available at this ill station. Galyat is famous for its cold weather in summers and snowfall in winters. Nathyagali bazaar, national park and chair lift makes it a must see place for tourists. There is lot of funs stuff for tourist at Galyat hill station as there are many tasty foods to enjoy and animal lovers can spend quality time at Galyat as there are different species of animals at the hill station.


Trekkers, hikers and mountaineers all love Skardu as this is the safest place for all these activities and have a lot of opportunities for these adventures. If you are nature love you must visit this place you will feel yourself so close to nature. This place is the gateway to the world’s highest peaks. This place is not only famous in Pakistan but people from around the world come to this beautiful place and enjoys the dramatic beauty of Skardu. Snow covered mountains, glaciers and world’s highest plains makes this place bliss for tourists.


Kashmir is heaven on earth and is hub of tourism in Pakistan. Natural beauty is at its peak in Kashmir and especially in Muzafarabad. River Neelum and Jehlum append beauty of this place tourist love to enjoy the cold waters of Neelum River in summers. The valley has all the facilities for the tourist from hotels to food of different tastes and areas. Kashimiri Chai (Tea) is very famous in Pakistan and tourist love to have this while they are visiting Muzafarabad and Neelum. There are many tourist attractions for the tourists in Kashmir like camping at Shadara, Neelum Valley and Leepa Valley are place worth seeing.


When it comes to landscape Kalam has each and every thing which makes it a beauty. Waterfalls, lakes, Meadows and greenery all present in huge at this beautiful hill station. There are few highest peaks and beautiful lakes in Kalam. The valley has a small bazaar surrounded by lush green mountains. Tourists enjoy sitting at the bank of river and enjoy Tea and fish. Matiltan is place where one can enjoy glaciers and can see Falaksher from this place. Kalam is combination of all the beauties of nature and hence called the cold paradise for tourists.


Abbotabad is combination of modern infrastructure and natural beauty. Abbotabad is famous for too many reasons like it is the gateway to many tourist places, hub for Army training and pleasant weather. There are many tourist spots like Thandyani, Harnoi and Ilyasi Mosque. Tourist love to visit this place because there are lot of facilities for the tourist like shopping, hotels and camping. Food in Abbotabad is very good and famous, Chapli Kabab are favorite of all the tourists and local people.

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