10 reasons you should live in Islamabad

Islamabad is capital city of Pakistan  and is ranked as 2nd beautiful capital of the world . The city is combination of modern infrastructure and natural beauty .


Ease of accessibility makes a city more attractive for living and Islamabad has all the ways and means of transportation from world class metro throughout the city to local transportation. The capital city has a world renown companies  providing cab services in the city. Islamabad has many other budget travelling such as network of local taxis. There are also companies available providing service of pick and drop on bikes which are cheap and easily accessible.


Islamabad is secures city for tourists and residents as hardly you will experience any crime or violation of rules and regulations by the people. Safe city project made Islamabad more secure and attractive place for living. Integration of rangers has also prominent role in making this city a better option for living.

Natural integration:

Islamabad has a very good location as is surrounded by mountains and forests. The stunning views of mountains adds to the beauty of this incredible city more attractive. Due to forest on large land and hill stations nearby there are often rains in the city and weather is very pleasant in the city.


Presence of world’s most famous food chains like KFC, Mcdonald, Pizza Hut and Dunkin Donuts along with the traditional Shenwari has made Islamabad a heaven for food lovers. There are many varieties and combination of food in Islamabad as one can see chines and Italian food restaurants around the city which makes it attraction not only for people from Pakistan but all over the world.

Availability of food is 24 hours there are many restaurants which are open day and night to provide quality products and services to their customers.


Every city in the world has aa tag on it for higher prices or lower prices but in Islamabad the case is different there is combination of both the shopping styles de0ending on the customers and his affordability.

Centaurs Mall, Jinnah Super market and super market are places famous for elite class shopping and G-9, G-10 for middle class and there is also opportunities for lower class which can buy it’s day to day required things and house holds from Sunday Bazzar.

Outing Facilities:

Working class and families always look for some recreational activities on the weekend after a hectic weekly routine. Couples are in search for some romantic places where they can pass some time and make their time memorable. Islamabad provides opportunities of outing and picnic to each class where they can go and enjoy.

Hill stations, parks, riding, station opportunities,  lakes, cinemas, bars and cafes are in abundance in Islamabad. For children and animal lovers there is zoo filled with animals of different species where they can enjoy live animals found dead in faraway forests and mountains which are otherwise impossible to see.


Islamabad has many opportunities for people who love to play different sports. Islamabad has many sport ground dedicated for each sports one can find opportunities for swimming, cricket, basketball,  hockey, tennis, bodybuilding, badminton, volleyball and many more. There is one sports complex which has all the sports opportunities available inside. There are also many grounds which are in door.


In Islamabad you will find many international brands and famous names in technology weather it’s electronics, mechanical or electrical. Technology is advanced and many good companies are operating in the city. The city has many opportunities for Internet the mobile companies are providing 4G services and strong connectivity to its users . There are many dedicated Internet providing companies also operating in Islamabad.


Educational standards are very good in Islamabad there are many national and international brands in the city providing quality education to the residents of Islamabad.  Many good in brands in primary education like beach on house , city schools, science schools are providing unmatched education to the children according to the international  symbols. Many good colleges like Punjab Group of colleges and government colleges not only producing quality but on affordable fees.

Many good universities are present in the city like Capital university of science and technology, Bahriya University, Air University and few international brands like international Islamic university operating in many countries.

Government institutions are also very good in Islamabad and providing free education to the students on all the three levels of education prevailing in the country.

Living Standards:

Islamabad has a very good living standards spacious houses, good roads and big streets. Every sector has dedicated markets where every things is available of daily need. Mosque is available near each residential area and commercial centres. Residential areas have the facility to avail the landlines, gas and cable with channels from all over the world.


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