6 Places to Visit in Naran & Kaghan – Best Naran & Kaghan Tour Packages 2017

Naran & Kaghan are famous tourist destinations full of fun, adventure, awesome night life and standard Hotels & Restaurants. Naran & Kaghan are lush green valley located in Khyber PukhtoonKhawa Province in Pakistan. Summers are very spectacular and thrilling in Naran & Kaghan as the visitors are attracted from around the globe and they enjoy the breathtaking beauty of Naran & Kaghan Valley. Lacks, Mountains, Snow, Jeep Safaris, Horse Riding, Valleys, Plans and Rivers arez the attractions for tourists to Naran & Kaghan Valley & they enjoy their stay in hotels, Camps and Huts with all the facilities of life in this dazzling valley of Naran & Kaghan.

Naran & Kaghan have some well-known lacks which augment the beauty of this stunning valley. Lack Saif-ul-Malook, Ansoo Lack and Lulusar Lack.



Shogran is famous for its greenery, cold weather and pine tree forest which make it a heaven for tourists in summers. Every facility of day to day life is available for tourists in this dreamland. One can find many tourist in this lush green place playing, roaming around and enjoying their stay at this beautiful tourist attraction of Naran & Kaghan valley. Shogran is a beautiful tourist attraction due to its stunning beauty and lush green countryside. Siripaya Meadow and Siri lack is very beautiful, green and surrounded by snow covered mountains which makes it paradise on earth. The road condition is not too good due to which the tourist travel by jeeps to the Siri Paya.


Naran is valley full of life and enjoyment for tourists from all over the world. Naran is a Small town which is located 240 kilometers from Islamabad the capital city of Pakistan. Naran has all the facilities of life for tourists from 4 star residential facility to standard local and fast foods. Trout fish is very famous and liked by tourists which is available in Naran and tourists from all age group enjoy this tasty food which is sociality of Naran.


Lack Saif-ul-Malook is at 7 kilometers from Naran valley through jeep the road is not good enough but the beauty is at its peak. There are different stories related to the alpine lack but besides the truth behind these stories the beauty of this lack will freeze up your mind at once. The lack is covered with snow in winters and the road to Lack Saif-ul-Malook is also closed due to heavy snow fall. The snow covered mountains around the lack amplify its beauty and tourist enjoys their stay.

Ansu Lack:

This lack is tear shaped for which it is known as “Ansu Lack” and was discovered by air force officers during their fly on the mountains in Naran Valley. The lack is accessible from lack Saif-ul-Malook and through horse or trekking as there is no road to the Lack. There is heavy snow fall at the site of Lack but tourists take the risk to visit this lack and enjoy not only the lack but the trek to the lack is also very adventurous and have tremendous views. Snow covered mountains and cool breeze from these mountains amuse visitors and provides heavenly views.

Lulusar Lake:

This lack is located at 50 kilometers from Naran and takes about 1 hour of drive if the road is clear. This is small lack and has the boating facility available at the lack. Clear waters of lack and dramatic beauty of the lack plants views which linger in the mind of visitors forever. The road to Dudipatsar have very beautiful views and one can find many tourists from all the corners of the country standing along the road and enjoying the beauty of this valley. Visitors visiting Naran & Kaghan must visit this lack as there are many waterfalls in the way to this lack and tourists enjoy watch this eye-catching beauty.

Babusar Top:

During the winters Babusar Top is closed for tourists due to heavy snowfall but in summers is most coolest and beautiful place in Narran Valley to Visit. It is the boundery between KPK and Gigit Baltistan and highest place in Narran Valley which is easy to get to by car from Naran provided the road is open. Tourist avail the opportunity to visit this beautiful and cool place during their visit to Naran & Kaghan valley because this place is get way to many beautiful destinations of Pakistan.


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