If You Think You’re Adventurous, You Need to Try These Adventure Activities in Pakistan


Do you have what it takes to be adventurous? Are you an adventure lover? Find out the best adventure tours in Pakistan for 2017. The amazing group tour packages offered around the year are a must try for the adventure lovers. To choose from a wide variety of domestic tour packages for family or friends, you should first determine the type of adventure you are looking for. Some of the possibilities include


Although difficult and tiring, trekking is one of the most adventurous tours that you can plan for yourself or your family. Planning the best tour to fill your thirst for adventure, you should look for trekking. It is sure to get your adrenaline pumping and will give you joy unlimited. In case of mountain trekking, the best place is perhaps the Northern mountain ranges of Pakistan.



One of the best tour packages in Pakistan perhaps include paragliding. Gliding in the air over the mount the Hindukush or the Himalayas is a feat that you should be trying out. If you haven’t tried it already, being a true adventurer requires you to try paragliding.

Mountain Climbing

Pakistan has been blessed with the most amazing mountain ranges and high peaks. For those who love adventure and have a wanderlust, mountain climbing is one of the most recommended activity. It requires great caution, is filled with challenges and has a lot of danger involved. The ones having a thirst for danger and true adventure, mountain climbing is highly recommended.


Love the water? Snorkeling in the amazing and diverse waters of the coast is among the most trendy water sports of Karachi. Experiencing thrill and testing one’s enthusiasm for adventures requires one to go beyond the regular activities. The call for adventure trips requires you to try out the tours around the Arabian coast.


Boating, the word itself suggests how different this particular activity is from everything you do. The true adventure lovers cannot deny the opportunities of exploration you can have while boating. Particularly, the scenic beauty around Lake Saif ul Malook and the amazingly calm waters around Churna Island allow the adventure lovers to truly explore nature.

Jeep Safaris

Jeeps are among the most awesome vehicles that have ever been invented. The fact that you can go off-roading and test your adrenaline are the top most options for adventure seekers. Jeep safaris around the Hunza valley and the wildlife that you can observe there is a must for all those looking for quality time.


Cable cars

Have you ever travelled around Patriata? The cable cars around that area are among the most famous in Pakistan. Anyone who loves to have a thrilling time and feel above the world, the heights you feel in the cable cars of Patriata are the best thing for you.

Cliff Diving

Diving, oh what thrill! This is a definite try for those who want the wind gushing in their ears and the feeling of fright and amazement running through their veins simultaneously. The craze and energy that goes into jumping from a high cliff directly into the water is one thing that you definitely have to tick off the list of your adventure tours.


Ever felt the thrill of slipping and sliding around the snow? Nothing feels as great as conquering your fears and getting a grip on yourself. Malam Jabba has one of the most well-organized ski resorts. Those looking for adventures should be considering skiing.


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