The most adventurous Deserts in Pakistan – Best Adventure Tours

The tough everyday schedules and demanding routine can make anyone stressed out and bored, particularly the adventure lovers. One of the best things to do is to take a break and get your adrenaline pumping. It has been seen that deserts are among the best adventure tour places.

Cholistan Desert:

Among the most enchanting and beautiful deserts of Pakistan, the top name is that of Cholistan. The name itself is linked with rich history and culture. This is one of Pakistan’s most prestigious adventure fronts, located a relatively short distance away from the city of Bhawalpur. The presence of historic forts makes this an awe inspiring location for those who love the peace and serendipity of old and quiet places. This place also proves home to the annual jeep rally of Pakistan which is graced by the presence of the most adventurous and out-going people of Pakistan.

Thar Desert

The second in this list is the name of one of the largest deserts of the world; Thar. This is not just the desert of Pakistan but also acts as a border between Pakistan and India as this is a shared desert of the great Indo-Pak. The vast area provides a huge number of possibilities for adventure, fun and explorations. Moreover, Thar is also known for its variety in a number of endangered species. Adventure lovers have been known to love the presence of animals such as the peacocks and snakes. Moreover, the handsome black buck which is among the severely endangered species is known to be a remarkable feature of Thar.

Indus Valley Desert:

The Indus Valley desert, located in the Northern areas of Pakistan is among the top favorites of all the adventurous people. The presence of forests around the deserts is one of the most crucial attractions for the adventurers. Also, the Indus Valley desert is graced by the presence of the rivers Indus and Chenab on its sidelines, which makes it a precious location for those who seek the fun of exploring nature at its best. The northern areas also play host to the Shandur Poli festival held annually.

Thal Desert:

Another highly regarded desert of Pakistan is the Thal desert. It is present at the intersection of River Indus and River Jhelum in the Mianwali region and provides an amazing location not only for the adventure seekers but is also important in terms of the country’s economy. It is one of the most important deserts of Pakistan from the point of development and also holds promise for the irrigation systems of Pakistan.

This is just a preliminary list of the best adventure tours in Pakistan that has been prepared for the ones who love to get their blood pumping.