Item To Include In Medical Kit While Travelling

Travelling can be more fun while it is safe and secure and adventure lovers should keep in mind that there are no regular hospitals and BU’s in most of the tourist places so tourists should keep in mind to take some essentials while travelling. When you are staying or travelling in Pakistan to new place or destination you should keep in mind to take the following things in your medical kit while travelling. Travelling in Pakistan is much safer as there are no serious diseases in the country to worry about especially at the tourist destinations as the air is pure & clean.


The first thing to keep in mind while travelling is to place Gauze in your medical kit as it is very important to clean small to medium size wound. Traveling in Pakistan is pleasing but safety is more important to take care of. Pakistan is best place for trekkers and hikers due to presence of high rise mountains and well-known treks of the world and the journey can be dangerous to keep safety of one’s self trekkers should keep Gauzes in their medical kit while travelling.

Crepe Bandages:

Getting specialized medical assistance while travelling in Pakistan can be too late as tourist attractions are far from hospitals and professional medical teams or doctors so tourist should keep medical kit while travelling in their travel, trekking, expedition, hiking, safaris and family tours. Crepe Bandages help in dressing wounds until getting some skilled medical assistance. They should not be too many in quantity only few of them are enough.

Surgical Tap:

This is the most essential item to wrap around the bandage and tighten up the bandage around the wound. The wound when tightly wrapped cure easily and in no time. Tourists while travelling in Pakistan don’t forget to put surgical tape in their medical kit.

Small Scissors:

These are very important to keep in your medical kit while travelling because to size up the bandages. These are available in the kit and easily available in the store to buy. Pakistan is best place for tourists due to its demographics but for personal safety is very important.

Antiseptic Wipes:

Dressing the wound is very technical task but while packing your medical kit you should keep in mind to place antiseptic wipes for cleaning the wound this will keep the wound safe from infection. These wipes are essential for keeping the wound safe.


Painkillers are of many types and purposes but traveling in Pakistan you can easily find many good painkillers in stores to pack in your medical kit while travelling. Extreme travelling, hiking, trekking or journey to the tourist destination can cause pain in legs and body for which you should have pain killers in your medical kit to keep your travel un affected.

Anti-Diarrhea Tablet:

While travelling in Pakistan the water and food is different at different destinations due to which one can have stomach problems. For which one should have anti-Diarrhea tablets in his medical kit while travelling.

Water Purification Tablets:

These tablets are very important for trekkers as the water at the top of the mountains is not healthy and can cause many problems in the stomach so keep in your mind to put water purification tablets in your medical kit while travelling.

Anti-itch Cream:

This one is more important while you are camping somewhere in the mountains as there are many insects which can disturb your stay. This cream can benefit you in many situations so keep it in your medical kit for travelling.

Cold and flu tablets:

Tourists should pack cold and flu tablets with them as the weather is very cold at the tourist destinations while travelling in Pakistan.

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