Neelum Valley: A place blessed by Momma Nature

Neelum Valley Tour Pakistan

Pakistan is a picturesque country that offers the great experience for tourists. In fact, the recent developments in Pakistan have also ensured a more secure environment for the tourists and especially the major tourist attractions have been fortified in a number of ways to offer the best and most pleasant experience. So, if you are a person who loves the natural places and want to indulge in the most exotic vistas offered by Momma nature then you should tour in Pakistan at least once in your lifetime.

The Neelum Valley is one of the most important natural destinations you can see in and around Pakistan. A number of tour operators offer exotic and versatile Neelum Valley Tour Packages that are specially designed to contain each element of the beautiful experiences offered by Neelum valley. The valley is an apt location for lovers as well as families. There are a variety of specially designed packages available like Neelum Valley Family tours, adventure tour and wildlife tour packages.

The landscape and regional features of Neelum Valley

The picturesque Neelum Valley stretches as much as 240 Km and contains a kaleidoscope of nature’s beauty to offer the experience that can be cherished for years. On one side there are lush green forests and on the other side, you can see the white snow covered peaks that are visible from a huge distance and give an impression as if the white snow is melting away in the clouds. Then there are panoramic vistas and tranquil streams of azure waters offering you the pleasure that can simply be called overwhelming.

Neelum Valley for tourists

The place is a blessing for the travelers who want to enjoy the extreme adventure. Some places have been bridged by the locals in a very primitive way and they offer the real thrill to the adventurous travelers. Crossing through these bridges at a great height is an adventurous experience that cannot be forgotten. In fact, that experience would be one of the best elements among various Adventure Tours Pakistan has to offer. The best thing about Neelum Valley is that it can be the major attraction if you are looking for the Cheap tours in Pakistan that are inexpensive and adventurous at the same time.


Places to see:

Kundal Shahi

Kundal Shahi, also a small commercial center and being the commercial center of the area it is congested and overcrowded.Kundal Shahi is also the operational center of the Azad Kashmir. Kundal Shahi station has a rest house manned by the logging and saw mills at the Western bank of river Neelum adjacent to the metalled road. From this place, a visit can be planned to the loveliest part of the Neelum Valley, commonly known as Jagran Valley. In fact, you should never forget to include this place in your Pakistan Tourism Packages to enjoy Pakistan at its best.

Jagran Nullah Jagran

Starting from Kundal Shahi a forest range stretches till Jagran Nullah, a mini river that flows round the year. The quality of water is so good that it acquires a glass-like texture.

If you are newly married and want to enjoy a few days of honeymoon with your loved one then the best package for you is Neelum Valley Honeymoon Packages. Pakistan offers a great stretch of privacy for the couples and Neelum Valley is the best place to spend a few days in tranquility.

Jagran Nullah is not only beautiful and tranquil but also has a vast stretch that allows one to enjoy the natural beauty to its best. In fact, if you are looking for a full family fun then this place is a must in your Domestic tour packages for family. At the water is pleasantly greenish in color and caress the eyes. It flows at such a speed that one can see the light foam being produced due to its speed. Other places to visit in Jagran are Thunian, kutton, Pattlian Sar  and Ghansee. Mountains in Jagran are extremely tall and finding any height between 1400 ft. and 4000 ft. above sea level is not rare. So the place is great for mountaineers too.


If you are a person who would rather like to enjoy in a secluded place then Salkhala is the place for you. Located across river Neelum, the place offers Tourist Rest house and 3 huts assuring no huge numbers of tourist crowds. If you are a person who would rather enjoy the vast stretches of sky looking at by the pristine nature then this is the perfect place to be.


At a distance of 10 Km from Kundal Shahi, the place called Kutton is situated. The place seems to be enchanted by the craft of nature and you can see the nature’s best masterpieces stretching to a wide distance. Among other green vistas, one of the most imposing views is that of mighty Himalaya range the starts from here and goes through a number of other places like Skardu, Chillas and Kaghan. Other nearby places that can play an important role in your most rewarding Pakistan Tour Packages include

  • Bhateeka: to have a glimpse of the commercial and cultural life of the valley.
  • Athmuqam: A great place from where you can find a daily bus service to Muzaffarabad. In Muzafarrabad You can see the most traditional Kashmiri lifestyle with typical Kashmiri wooden log houses.

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