Rejuvenate your senses with a rewarding tour to Skardu

The heavenly country of Pakistan is blessed with a number of regions that promise to satiate the touristic cravings in you. In fact, there is a palpable increase in the number of tours to Pakistan in the recent years due to heightened security, especially in the quiet towns far from the mainland due to their rustic nature. Even the travel agents have reshuffled their itineraries to suit the Domestic tour packages for family.

Tour in Pakistan gets a new meaning when you opt for the rustic locations or unexploited regions. Apart from that, the quiet bucolic charm offered by the villages or small cities of Pakistan are the perfect destinations for cheap honeymoon packages without compromising on the experience. Among a number of other regions, one region that really stands out is Skardu. The region is still unexploited by tourists and has recently joined the list of popular Cheap tours in Pakistan. There are a number of Pakistan Tourism Packages to choose from.



There are a number of Adventure Tours Pakistan has to offer but Skardu has a distinct place in the entire list due to its blend of beauty and adventure. The town of Skardu is located in Gilgit-Balistan a notable region of Pakistan. The city sits proudly on a stretch of 6 miles long Skardu Valley.  The region is located on the river of Indus that enjoys a legendary status in epics in heritage status in history.  In many Family Tour Packages, Skardu is gaining a prominence due to its regional characteristics and sights. Besides Skardu Tour Packages are affordable and does not come at a very fancy price. SO if you are looking for an affordable Pakistan Tour Packages then Skardu could be a great choice. Among a number of Honeymoon Packages Pakistan has to offer, the Skardu can be a valuable asset because of its charm and pristine vistas.

Kharpocho Fort

A huge heritage fort with the name of Kharpocho fort is the major sight to relish here. In fact, it is only after visiting the Kharpocho fort you will be able to know why it was named so (Kharpocho means king of forts). The fort belongs to Ali Sher Khan the ancient ruler of Balistan. However, even more, pleasant is experiencing the thrill of Indus valley that flows swiftly just a little distance from your feet while blending harmoniously with the white sand offering it the silvery hue.

Satpara Lake and Island

Garlanded by glacial mountains and inhabiting a quaint island in the center, is the Satpara Lake located on North of Skardu. The only way to reach that island is by boat and it is one of the journeys where you will directly experience the veracity of the statement “At the end, it is the journey that matters”. You will be amazed by the delicate reflection of towering White Mountains kissing the waters. Don’t forget to buy some of the best handicrafts from the island.

Shangri-La Lake

If you are a nature lover then don’t forget to visit Shangri-La Lake that is not more than 2 hours from Skardu and you can easily get a Jeep to reach there. The lake offers a versatile kaleidoscope of various natural beauties in the form of flora and fauna. Apart from a number of marine lives, you can see continuous series of numerous flowers of different colors on its banks. From a certain distance, it could even give you an illusion of a huge garland around the neck of the river. You would enjoy the fruit picking as there are many Apricot, apple and peach trees on the banks. You will also love delights offered by Shangri-La Resort.


Adventure tours in Skardu

If you are looking for Trekking in Skardu there are a number of places to choose from but the most important ones are

  • Bara Brok Lake Trek
  • Taley pass trek
  • Kharfaq Lake trek

Due to the abundance of great packages, you can opt for Skiing tour Packages. Besides the Hiking Tour, Skardu has to offer will allow leaving you overwhelmed.

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