Students Ambassador Program 2017

Students Ambassador Program 2017

Students Ambassador Program 2017

Tour in Pakistan invites you to join our professional and experienced team as Students Ambassador. Join Tour in Pakistan to promote the tourism industry of Pakistan, scope of the company and support our mission. There is very good scope of tourism in Pakistan and you can promote it through our various projects and programs.


You can join us as our ambassador in three categories

  • Child Ambassador
  • Young Ambassador
  • Expert Ambassador

You will learn the basic organizational, leadership and management skills while working with Tour in Pakistan. Through this program you will have meetings with many professionals from tourism industry which will boost you knowledge of professional world.


Tour in Pakistan will provide you the opportunity to stand out in your school as child ambassador, in college & University as young ambassador and as professional ambassador in your professional life.
Ambassadors will perform leading role in your school, college, university and society.
Ambassadors will be attending regular meetings with professionals for the corporate world which make you capable of enhancing your capacity as leader and manager.

  • Ambassadors will get the company experience letter and souvenir.
  • Ambassadors will be paid for their efforts and time by referring clients on percentage basis.
  • Ambassadors will get regular free trips to the beautiful destinations of the country.
  • Opportunity to get permanent appointment in organization if performance is good. On performance basis


Promote Tour in Pakistan among communities, University/College/School and social channels (FB, TW, G+ & Instagram)

Ambassadors will be invited to office for practical work and management of projects.



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