The Beauty Of Mancher Lake largest lake in Pakistan

Besides many misleading rumors around the world Pakistan is paradise for nature lovers and one of the best tourist attraction for the tourists from all over the world. There are opportunities for all type of adventure lovers from hiking on the world’s highest mountain to the lush green fields and bunch of lakes from artificial to natural. Pakistan has attractions for all types of weather lovers as it has all the seasons on earth from sizzling hot to snow fall in winters also one can experience the essence of flowers in spring. Lakes are essential for beauty of any territory and it is good attraction for tourist from every corner of earth. Km

Mancher Lake is the artificial lake which is located 18KM from Sehwan Shareef in Sindh, Pakistan. The lake is one of the biggest fresh water lake in Pakistan at the area of 228 Square kilometers and 115 feet elevation. It the Pakistan’s biggest water reservoir and is famous for fishing and floating villages on the lake. People live on their boats from many years in the lake and fishing is their primary source of income from the lake. Mancher village is small village having limited number of shops having day to day required stuff.

Many of the people living there doing their fore father business on the lake but noe due to the extreme addition of toxic water the fishing is limited and any species or now not available in the lake. Fishing opportunities are also now limited because of most of the fishes die due to the toxic water but still for visitors it is attractive place due to the floating villages on the lake visitors love to see the villager and families which is working from many generations in this lake. The people living there don’t know other work to do as this is their forefather business of Fishing. The people on the village are not willing to stop the business of their fore fathers but the new generation is now moving towards the cities to look for other opportunities to spend their lives.

Hunting of birds was also a big opportunity and attraction for the people on the lake and tourists but with the passage of time the bird’s species were also reduced due to intense hunting.

Tourist Attractions:


Birds are in abundance on this lake and birds use this way to pass by the lake and hunting lovers love to visit this place. Following are few of the species found at Mancher Lake.


People who love to fish Mancher Lake is the place where they can find many species for fish according to their taste. Some of the famous fishes at Mancher Lake are


Boating lovers can get maximum of this tourist attraction as there are people living of the boats and they have all range of boats from small to the large sizes.

Mancher Lake is full package for tourists and adventure fans.