Trip To Kalam. The cold Paradise for travel lovers

Trip To KalamTravelling through lush green mountains at the side of river will freshen up your mind while travelling from Mingora to Kalam, the cold paradise for tourists.

June was never so hot before in Islamabad and this helped me plan a holiday to the most visited place in Pakistan which was escape plan from the extremely hot weather of Islamabad. While leaving from Islamabad I was thinking and making different pictures of mesmerizing beauty of this wonderful piece of land. Mangora is a city having combination of old and modern infrastructure I bought stuff from the city for trip from there we headed towards Bahrain and Madyan roads were good to travel on. We had our lunch on the river bank and the fresh fish from the river was a great addition to menu.

We left for kalam but the road from Madyan was not good enough and was taking time to travel. The road was under construction but the views were awesome. I saw many waterfalls, trout fish farms and visitors fishing on the river there were many families and foreigners on the way to this beautiful piece of land. On the way you can see many farmers working in their fields on the mountains they have made small fields there in the mountains to grow crops and our guide was saying that this piece of land has best quality of potatoes which is unique in its quality and taste.

By reaching Kalam we shifted to hotel we already booked from Islamabad. The ride was strenuous and took about 13 hours to reach Kalam but still I was very excited to see the stunning beauty of Kalam I went to the rooftop with a cup of coffee in my hand looking at Falaksar covered with snow at night in the moon was a very beautiful scene I have ever bystanded in my life.


Next day early in the morning after having our breakfast we started our journey to Mahodand Lake which is 40 KM from Kalam entered USHO valley after 8 KM and that was truly worth seeing the valley covered with clouds and forest. We started our journey from there to Mahudand Lake which is part of Hindukush Mountains. It is located at 9400 feet height we reached there and beauty of nature was at its peak waiting to be praised by visitors. Many visitors were fishing there but we missed the adventure as we were having nothing for fishing. Guide told us that in winters the lake is covered with snow and I made a picture in my mind that how lovely this place would be in winter when nobody will be here and there will be complete peace of mind. We had a full day tour of the lake and it was the day I cannot forget in my life as the beauty of that place is still in my mind.

The next day we went to Kundol Lake, it is the 2nd most visited place in Kalam. It is 19KM away from Kalam and is situated to the north of hill station Utror at 9500 feet. Utror is very beautiful valley waterfalls, Snow covered mountains and greenery all around makes it a must see place for visitors. Glacier water is the primary source of water for this lake. There is also a story famous about this lake which guide told us that golden moon appers in the centre of the lake every night but nobody have touched it yet.

We came back to the hotel after a daylong tour of Kundol lake and enjoyed a lot the next day we were going back to Islamabad but the reminiscence of this amazing tour is still in my mind and will be forever as the appealing beauty of Kalam is difficult to forget.