What to eat in Pakistan? A strapping concern for Travels

Pakistan is famous for its spicy foods in the world and is one of the world’s premium producers of spices used in different foods and dished. Pakistan can be called paradise for food lovers; one can find food of his taste anywhere in the country. If we talk about the traditional foods there are many dishes which are famous not only for its taste but also for health benefits.

We can divide the foods in Pakistan on two basis on which are famous on local level and there are ones which are famous throughout the Pakistan. Few of the most popular food dishes which are famous not only on local level but national and international level are:

Pulao and Biryani:

Biryani is dish made of rice and is famous dish of Sindh but is liked and made in all parts of Paksitan but one who visit karchi or Sindh he always eat this fabulous  dish there. There are many types of biryani in Pakistan like Mutton Biryani, Chiken Biryani and Tikka biryani ect.

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Pulao is another finest dish made in Pakistan and is usually part of every event in Pakistan people love to eat this wonderful dish and make it part of their diet. Pulao have many recipes and is cooked differently in every corner of Pakistan. There is also trend in many places in Pakistan where they make Pulao the part of their weekly routine. Few very famous types are vegetable, Channa, egg and chicken pulao.

Seeji or Sajji:

Baluchistan is famous for many good and finest foods in Pakistan. Sajji is the food now a days famous not only in Pakistan but is also famous in the other parts of Pakistan as well. In this whole lamb used to make the dish now in many parts of the country chicken is also used for this purpose. In pure Baluchi Sajji they fill the lamb with rice and roast that on coal.


Made in fats from meat; it’s one of the most eaten dish in Baluchistan and people like it very much. The meat is oven cooked in its own fat. There are different views about the origin of this dish but the present shape of this nice dish is worth eating.


Made from pounded meet this dish is one of the most favorite dish in KPK Province in Pakistan and is one the most liked throughout Pakistan. Chapal kabab and Seekh kabab are two most common forms of the kabab made in Pakistan and mostly seekh kabab are necessarily cooked on every event in Pakistan. Kabab are mostly liked and served with Nan in Pakistan.


Karahi is the most famous and usually eaten dish in Pakistan and is made up of chicken, mutton and beef. This is dish is spicy and is cooked only in one dish that is called karahi. There are many recipes for this dish and is cooked with different taste and recipe in every corner of Pakistan.


There are many food items involved in making Haleem they are grinned and cooked to make a dish that is delicious and liked by many people. This dish is available all over Pakistan and has many recipes with changing ingredients according to different parts of Pakistan.

Sea Foods:

There are many fish species in Pakistan with some very special and extraordinary species like TROUT fish which is found in cold and frozen lakes which are available in Pakistan. Tourists visit northern areas of Pakistan to try this special and tasty fish. Apart from fish Pakistan is rich in other sea foods as well and people are fond of these foods and dishes.


Pakistani sweets are very special and flavorsome and are liked not by the local people only but people from abroad love to taste it. Due to rich in dairy products Pakistan is producing healthy sweets which are tasty as well. Few very common sweets are Rus Malai, Gulab Jaman, Halwa and Falooda.

Fast Foods:

Along with many world famous international brand in fast food there are operating few national brands to facilitate fast food lovers. Fast food lovers have a wide verity of choices in fast foods. International brands like KFC and Macdonald are operating in Pakistan to facilitate its customers with a taste known worldwide.